Biddulphs Freight

Professional Logistics Services

Biddulphs Freight

Biddulphs offers professional logistic services for commercial distribution, customised to your requirements and operating needs. The expertise provided by Biddulphs can offer a cost-effective solution for the movement of goods within Zimbabwe and across the SADC region.

Reliable over-night Freight services across Zimbabwe

Three depots :- Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru. We deliver to all cities and towns across the country and provide a safe, reliable and secure inter-city transport service. Visit or contact your nearest depot for more information

Load Consolidation / Onward Distribution

With a wide variety of vehicles and warehousing services, we have the capacity to offer efficient load consolidation and distribution services at competitive rates.

Expertise to optimize your Supply Chain

With over 150 years combined experience in the industry we can add value through the optimization of your supply chain

Crossborder Distribution

Our experience in handling crossborder traffic is a specific advantage for companies that are active in the regional market place. We offer distribution services to the SADC region. Please contact for more details.

Biddulphs – Busybee Express

Biddulphs - Freight

Trailer Category Maximum Tonnage
Draw bar trailer 12 tons
Semi-trailer 22 tons
Tri-axle trailer 30 tons

Biddulphs - "Agri-Bee"

  • The Agri-Bee service offers reliable logistics to Tobacco Companies
  • Overnight – “Auction floor to warehouse”
  • Safe, secure and satellite tracked.
  • Distribution of agri-inputs country wide

Biddulphs – Crossborder

Biddulphs Removals and Storage

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