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The Best Local Move You’ll Ever Make

When you entrust your personal belongings to a removal company, you want your possessions handled with the same care you would take. That’s why so many people, and companies, choose Biddulphs. With over 90 years of removal experience, a large network of branches and professionally trained staff, you will be getting the individual attention you would expect from a small firm, while enjoying all the benefits of the largest independent removal and storage company in Southern Africa.

Whether it is a small flat or major household, Biddulphs are the best move you’ll ever make.

Relocation Process

Our mandate is to change the perception that moving has to be considered as a stressful experience. With planning, preparation and an experienced moving company, make moving the exciting experience that is should be! Here is a quick guide to steps for preparing for your move:

Pre-Move Survey

Complete our online get-a-quote form, you will receive an instant response and have the following options:

  • Request An In-Home Visit
  • Upload An Inventory Download Inventory List
  • Type A List Of Your Items (for small consignments)


We recommend scheduling a visit to your home by one of our Biddulphs move consultants, who will provide you with a free non-obligation pre-move estimate.

Our consultant will gain a full understanding of your requirements and will provision for any specific requirements. He or she will draw up an inventory of your belongings which will allow us to calculate the volume to be transported and vehicle needed. Alternatively, if you are only needing to transport a couple items, you can go with the option of sending us a list.

Scheduling Your Move

Your Biddulphs move consultant contact you to follow up on your quotation, assist you with your booking and answer any additional questions. Once you have finalised your move date and contact details, one of our operations staff will provide confirmation of relocation dates and specific planning for your booking.

Leading up to Your Move

Our aim is to ensure that all is progressing as it should and you are happy with the service you are receiving. The operations coordinator is there to ensure that we meet your expectations and answer all your questions throughout your move.

Packing and Loading

Your Biddulphs International supervisor will manage the handling of your belongings with the utmost care and consideration during your move day.

This includes:

  • The use of protective coverings to protect your home and possessions.
  • Careful packing and loading of your goods into the vehicle

If you are unable to be present during your move you will need to arrange for an authorised friend or family member to be present during the packing and loading.

Inventory and Condition Report

Your Biddulphs International supervisor will carry out a comprehensive inventory of your items, which will also include a description and a record of any existing damages. It is suggested that you accompany the supervisor as he records the inventory and points out any items that will need special handling.

You will need to sign the inventory as confirmation of the items loaded and their condition. The supervisor will sign the form and provide you with a copy for your records.


Contact your move coordinator as soon as you have reached your new home. This is particularly important if you are undertaking a long distance move.

It is a great idea to provide your movers with a floor plan of where you would like your belongings to be unpacked. Use the Customer Inventory form to mark off the items and their condition as they are being brought in. Record any damage on your form and notify your move coordinator. Any items dismantled by the driver and moving staff will be reassembled to their original state.

Following the move, your coordinator will address any concerns that you have and if required, guide you through the process of filing an insurance claim for damaged items.


For individual moves, payment is due a week in advance to ensure everything is in place prior to the moving day. Should the relocation be arranged through your company or government department that has an account with us, we would require a copy of the purchase order confirming coverage of the move proposal. You will also need to pay any expenses that may be due if your belongings have been placed in storage.


Your possessions will be unpacked and the packing team will dispose of the used packing materials.

Highly Trained Staff

Your move will be supervised by one of our professionally trained drivers/supervisors. Every staff member is professionally trained in every aspect of packing, handling, loading and offloading your belongings.

Dedicated Removal Consultants

When you choose Biddulphs, our removal consultants will plan for your peace-of-mind by discussing every aspect of your move with you before the move starts. They will tell you exactly what to do and what to expect, including the range of services offered and what you will pay. There are no hidden costs.

Complete Service

We will arrange to move everything you have including cars, boats, caravans and garden and workshop equipment.

Save Up To 33%

By moving mid-month or in other off-peak periods, you can reduce the cost of your move considerably. Our rates are up to a third lower in off peak periods than at the end of the month.